Imagine a hospital…

That feels more like a home than an institution.
With pastels – green, blue, pink, yellow.
Large glass windows and skylights to let light in.
Music in each patient’s room.
Homemade muffins in the mornings.
Massage, reiki, acupuncture, yoga, meditation.
Gardens and patios in the center, with orchids and fountains, where patients and their families can walk outside.
Tropical fish floating through the atrium.
Afternoon tea.
A community of people working together to make a more beautiful place for our patients.
A place of healing.

In July of 2010, released a list of America’s most beautiful hospitals. There is more to beauty than meets the eye, but design is important part of the healing atmosphere.


2 Responses to Imagine a hospital…

  1. emmy says:

    Sounds like Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Being at Egleston Hospital when my grandson was diagnosed with Hemophilia was the best hospital experience I think we could have had. They even had a library where we could get books and DVD’s for him. There were many aquariums where he could gaze, gardens to play in and clowns played happy songs on the grand piano in the atrium. It was amazing, but it was the nursing staff that was the true shining star of the hospital.

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