Five Years Time

It is time for a reflection – at this time five years ago, I was graduating from college. I was in the pre-medicine phase of life, although even in college many pre-med classes had dominated my schedule. I remember, almost seven years ago, sitting on a patio overlooking the campus and listening to a group of girls, then at their five year reunion, talk about life after college. One of them, if my memory serves me correctly, was where I am now: she had just finished her intern year. Five years ago today, I was still a college student. This Sunday will be my last 30-hour shift as an intern. It is hard to believe how quickly time passes.

The MICU ran like the emergency department today. One patient received over 20 units of blood and was still bleeding out. Ironic that he was in the MICU given there is so little we can do there to stop a bleed. In the moments of chaos and instability, I thrive. At these times, I remember why I went into medicine in the first place: to achieve tangible results and to make someone better, all in the course of a day (or preferably less). This isn’t always possible, but when it happens it can be quite exhilarating.


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