Another day in paradise…

This is one of my last days in the MICU. It’s the home stretch. Two more call shifts, and only 6 more days, of intern year to go. It’s passed so quickly and so slowly. I am sitting in the conference room, waiting for morning rounds to begin; waiting for the onslaught of patients who our team will take in order to relieve the burden on the team who is nearing the end of their 30-hour shift. Morning notes are written, orders are complete. But my patients have been rocks over the last couple of days – no forward progress is never a positive indicator in the intensive care unit. It is a waiting game with sepsis, and although we are doing everything we can…these patients have the odds stacked against them. Sepsis comes from the Greek word sepein, which means “to rot.” The origin of the word alone gives us all too grim a picture…


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