Sleepy Sunday

Today the gray breeze flows through a window and hits my face, a promise of thunderstorms which will break the humidity, just as the prospect of a day off tomorrow breaks the tension of my daily work in the MICU. As a patient in the hospital, this is what I would miss the most: a quiet breeze, the feeling of rain against my skin, the sudden, startling roar of thunder, and the blazing heat of the sun on my cheeks. Maybe it is only because I am healthy enough to notice the difference between home and the ICU, or maybe it is because I respond so viscerally to my surroundings. But the ICU should be more peaceful and pleasant than it is. Yesterday, a gentleman came to play guitar for a patient. The sound of his voice and music permeated the unit; nurses smiled; patients asked who was playing. And I relaxed for a moment and thought: medicine does not have all the answers. And there are many ways to heal people, far more than we learn in our training.


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