I don’t even want to write today, but I will for the sake of record-keeping. After close to a one-month hiatus from the hospital, I now completed my first call and my first four days in the medical ICU. As far as calls go, it was hardly something to complain about – only 3 admissions, a full 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep, and no crashing patients. I was lucky. But my pager is still going off, for one reason or another, and I already dread tomorrow morning when I will have missed a full 18 hours of patient care and will still have to present these patients to a brand new “weekend” attending. The discontinuity of care from a medical team standpoint is disruptive for patient care.

Being in the MICU reminds me of all the reasons I do not want to do medicine. Fixing people here is satisfying, but unbelievably draining. Will continue with further updates after more sleep.


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