Blogging from afar…

So it is a Sunday morning and I will be on shift for the next 20 minutes – my last shift as an intern. It was quite a day, which began when I took care of a healthy woman in her 40s who turned out to have a saddle embolus and pulmonary nodules indicative of malignancy. She was on her way upstairs before I was able to tell her the results of the CT scan, and I was thankful. It isn’t easy to relay that kind of news. This is my first experience with a saddle embolus – and it frightens me to think how close I was to missing it. We hear stories over and over again of chest pain, difficulty breathing, syncope, and near-syncope and so easily brush them off…and then for all of those that are benign, there is one that shakes us to the bone.

Another lady who lives alone came in for chest pain, but was asking to leave before I even saw her because she had locked her dog in the house when the ambulance came. Loneliness can provide amazing incentive for people to visit the emergency department in the middle of the night.

I am looking forward to my escape from the hospital for the next month – it is greatly needed. One of the highlights today was getting blood work from an obese gentleman in his 50s – a difficult stick. Always an accomplishment.

And that’s all, folks. Farewell to the emergency department as an intern…on to bigger and better things as this year comes to a close. Time moves on whether we realize it or not…


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